Learn the 3 Pillars of the Wim Hof Method
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The Breathing

We will be going deep into the breath and by doing so you will be brought on a journey of self-discovery within yourself. It’s this depth of awareness to your own breath that you can tap back into your true self, real self & powerful self and in between all of this you will get the many benefits that this breathwork can bring, from healing the body of stress, trauma and fatigue to having outer body experiences to journey well beyond self-limiting beliefs. So unlock your potential by connecting back to your breath lean into it and let it take you on a journey.

Cold Therapy

We have the tools and capability to handle stressful situations in life. but unfortunately we're not thought how to handle the chronic stresses in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. but by training the body and mind to handle the stress of cold exposure you will create space for you to breathe, think and respond in a positive way so you can then bring this into your everyday life. By consciously seeking discomfort you can embrace the feeling of what it’s like to be truly present and alive. Connecting back to the breath with a clear focus, a strong mindset and a powerful intention to enter the cold you will prove that you can be calm, relaxed and powerful in a very stressful environment i.e the ice bath. in other words you take back control of your life by reprogramming your autonomic nervous system to respond to stress instead of reacting to stress.


Picture yourself been in stillness with no looped thoughts or perceived fears, doubts or struggles. this is what you could call a Flow State of mind in which you become fully immersed in. You are completely involved and focused on what you are doing, the ego's belief system falls away, time doesn’t exist, every action, movement, and thought follows from the previous one, like a ripple effect as your whole self is involved mentally, physically and spiritually. Through the breath combined with your inner knowing you can bring trust within yourself to reach that state of flow and connection to the mind, body & spirit and by having this state of flow this will lead you into the cold ice baths with ease but more importantly it will lead you throughout your life and this is where you can build on that commitment to bring yourself back to center and to your trueself.