Breathwork & Cacao

In Flow Croí A Shine

We're back again for another ceremonial immersion of both the Breathwork & Cacao on the 6th July at the beautiful space of Value U Fitness;
* So what's involved, we will journey over 4hrs in a safe space from 1pm - 5pm, with a light introduction to what's ahead, and insight into the breath, cacao and ourselves; everything that we will do will be held in reverence and ceremony;

* We will weave both the Feminine & Masculine energy throughout the ceremony while embracing spirit cacao and our breath; It's through this that you will create a space for you to be the observer of your story instead of going through your story; You will then be giving time to embrace that space that you created for you to reflect and journal whatever it is that may have come up to the surface for you;

* If this is something that you feel called to, just lean in a trust that feeling;

* I have opened the link for booking your space; any questions at all, just reach out and ask;

* P.s. By attending this space, you will receive a private guided breathwork session done by me the next day;

Grá Mór;

Saoro Balinese Ceremonial Cacao

This is the beautiful Cacao that we embrace in each ceremony

Saoro have brought this beautiful medicine here to Ireland are super excited of the arrival of their own brand Premium Ceremonial Cacao from the beautiful Paradise Island of Bali. They are inspired by the Sacredness of this land ‘the Island of the Gods’ where a more ancient (or shamanic) form of Hinduism is practiced. In Bali, Sacredness is an everyday practice and most of the population have shrines in their gardens for daily offerings, prayer and meditation.