Free Monthly Moonstock Gatherings

Check out the magic that Moonstock brings every fullmoon;

Moonstock, 27th November, Full Beaver Moon

If you feel called to experience Moonstock all you have to do is show up, there is no fee or charge, and you don't need to sign up to go. All that is asked is that you respect the sea, the beach, the local area and people's space, and as always this is a no alcohol and drugs private gathering.

Location: Portmarnock Beach (AT THE SHELTERS)

Carpark Locations:

Moonstock Location: (The Shelters)  Coast Road - Google Maps
Arrival Time: 6.30pm
Starting Time: 7pm
Moon Rising: 3.48pm

If the weather is too bad for the breathing, then we will all meet at the Shelters in Portmarnock and go for a dip.
Shelters LocationCoast Road - Google Maps

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Moon Name Origin...

Why the “Beaver” Moon? This is the time of year when beavers begin to take shelter in their lodges, having laid up sufficient food stores for the long winter ahead. During the fur trade in North America, it was also the season to trap beavers for their thick, winter-ready pelts.
Spiritual Meaning...

In the spiritual world, the beaver moon is a sign of change. It helps us to understand that nothing last forever. Anytime the beaver moon shows up in November, the spiritual world is talking about the inevitability of change. The beaver moon also speaks about the power of manifesting our desires. The light from the beaver moon helps us to accomplish all the desires of our hearts. Additionally, it opens our minds to see that anything is possible. People sit under the beaver moon to harness its energy for themselves. The reason is tied to how it fills people with hope and expectation. Another spiritual meaning of the beaver moon encourages people to prepare ahead.

"Sit with the Moon, Lead with the Heart"