A Gathering of Men

The booking link is now open for Men Rising Together, A Sacred Journey retreat on the 22nd - 24th September, all inclusive for €399, covers your full weekend activities, food & accommodation, please note that if you are under financial pressure or cannot afford this retreat, we here at MRT have the option open for a payment plan that is affordable for you so you are able to attend, we would rather see you there and it would be a shame if money was the factor as to why you could not attend, afew men have already availed of this payment plan, so if you want further information on this please do not hesitate to reach out to us and ask for help on getting that in place;

DMT Podcast

Listen here to the DMT Podcast where myself and David discuss Men Rising Together and what we are aiming to create.

Men Rising Together, A Sacred Journey

Men we are more powerful than we're ever thought, told or shown. The more we discover our powerful self through self-knowledge, self-love and awareness the more we can embrace that true happiness and life that we deserve.

Who is this for: Open to all Men, young, old and the ageless

Date: 22nd - 24th September 2023 (Friday to Sunday)

Location: Fawnaboy, Co.Donegal - Eircode F92Y656

As we gather in this Sacred Circle you will get the chance to lean into a journey with other brothers of men. Set in an open safe space for men to connect, talk and to truly express whatever feelings, thoughts, emotions, frustrations and talents that have been suppressed.

We will journey together over a powerful weekend in the beautiful location of Fawnaboy, Co.Donegal. Over the weekend we will embrace a Sacred Circle of trust, Bon Yoga & 9 cleansing breaths, lean into the spirit of cacao, deep breathwork, the triad of 3, drumming, poetry, music, raw honesty, cold therapy within lakes and powerful hike up one of Irelands highest mountains.

MRT prides itself on doing Men's work as it is close to our own hearts. Feel safe in knowing that you are going to be held in this space so you can lean into your own heart with strength, courage and self-love.

If you know anyone who would lean into this, just send them on the details, any questions just reach out to us.

Grá Mór
Patrick-joseph & David Patrick Farrell