Book a Private Wim Hof Method Experience

Combining the breath with cold exposure you will experience the powerful Wim Hof Method
Invest now to Breathe, Relax, Focus, Enjoy and Smile
your way through your endless potential.

This is for 1:1 or small group private sessions of up to 4 people.

Location: Coolock, Dublin 17

"Harness your breath, Harness your mind, Harness your life"

The Wim Hof Method Experience

Igniting your fire within the ice. This experience covers the very basics of the WHM and is suited is open to everyone regardless of your experience with the WHM. Here you will feel and witness the power of the mind, body and spirit all connected through the breath while seeking that discomfort in the Ice.

You will get to experience how powerful your breath is as you go through rounds of breathing, but it goes well beyond just breathing as this is rootle connected to the physical, emotional and visual aspects of our human nature and our own healing properties that we all possess. Once tapped into that powerful breath you will be on a pathway of self-discovery towards your true self, the innerfire within you will be lit.

We have the tools and capability to handle most situations in life the problem is we are not taught how to do this, but by training the body to handle the stress of cold exposure from ice baths you will create space for you to breathe, think and respond in a positive way. By consciously seeking discomfort you can embrace the feeling of what its like to be truly alive. Connecting back to the breath with a clear focus of the mind set with an intention to enter the ice bath you will prove that you can be calm, relaxed and powerful in a stressful environment, in other words you can take back control of your life by reprogramming your stress response system to respond to stress instead of reacting to stress.

We are more powerful than we are ever taught, told or shown. The more we discover our powerful self through the breath the more we can embrace that true happiness that we deserve.

"Seek Discomfort with Love"