Spirit Through All Medicines
In Flow Croí A Shine

New dates below for January, we will be only sitting with Mapacho, Sananga and Rapé at €80pp, 1pm - 5pm, If you feel called to any of the dates just reach out to me.

Wednesday 10th, 17th & 31st

Going forward I will be holding small gatherings of up to 4 people at my home in Coolock, this will be done over the day, starting at 12pm, the gathering will be roughly 7/8hrs long. We will be Interweaving together plant medicines and holistic medicines, which I am grateful that I can serve these powerful energies that each one uniquely express. We will embrace Saoro Balinese Ceremonial Cacao, surrender to botanical Sananga, journey through our powerful Breath, welcome in the spirit of Mapacho and embrace the Sacred Nawe Rapé from Brazil, with the option for you to lean into the righteous and merciful ice cold bath. We will hold this sacred space in reverence, through spirit and open hearth. If you want to be held within this, you can book in your space through the link provided, if you want to reach out to me you can do so via email at privateclub@breathetrustflow.ie

Layout of the day

Cacao offering / Open Circle: We will offer ourselves up to the beautiful plant medicine that is Cacao, it's here that you can start to go that little bit deeper within as we will hold this space in ceremony, it’s a powerful place to be when you allow yourself to be present to your hearth space. As we are together we will open the circle and it's here that you will be giving time a space to express whatever it is that you feel you need to or want to, this is a powerful space to share you intenshine, you will be heard, held and seen.

Sananga: The Powerful Sananga (lightning in the eyes) as I like to call it. We will surrender to this medicine and by doing so we will truly lean into your breath for us to process and drop deep into the body, this will set us up for the breathwork that will follow.

Breathwork: The breath is powerful and it's here that we will get to experience how powerful it truly is, you will be guided into a flow of breath that will take you on a pathway of new discoveries within. The breath is the beginning and end to everything, let it take over so it can expand your awareness to create more space within, for you to embrace your intenshine before you then lean into the Sacred Nawe Rapé.

Sacred Nawe Rapé: Before we embrace this beautiful medicine we will welcome in the spirit of mapacho, from there you will be offered Rapé to embrace, channel, express and accept whatever it is that may come up to the surface or come into the hearth space for you. You are giving time to process this and from there I welcome you to start integrating your awareness by sitting in your space that you created from the time you arrived, and it’s here that journaling is a powerful tool to use, this gives you the opportunity to capture this unique moment within yourself.

Closing Circle: We will close the circle by welcoming each person to share their experience, if they feel they want to. This is, in a way, part of your integration that you will be doing, even doe the circle is closed that doesn’t mean the medicine or the work stops. The easy part was the gathering we just did together, the hard part is the integration of it all and returning to your reality with this new found awareness of self, even if the awareness is that you simply feel good about yourself, this here needs to be protected and integrated so you can make that feeling an everyday part of your life.

Ice Bath: The Ice bath is optional and you will be accommodated if you choose to do it. We did a spiritual internal cleanse, now we are doing a physical and mental cleanse by dropping into the cold water embracing it and coming out with that born again new found awareness of self.

Food: After the dust has settled we will sit down and eat together with light food, snacks and refreshments.

The Energy Exchange to attend this gathering is €155pp

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